Welcome at the Australian Kelpie Sports Event

The International Australian Kelpie Sports Event 2016 will be held 8 and 9 July 2017.

The competitions are to be entered by Australian Kelpies, with or without FCI-pedigree. And like last years we expect competitors from outside the Netherlands.

Because of the International caracter of this event, you'll be able to compare your dog and yourself with each other. Next to the sportive part, the social part of this weekend is probably more important. It also attracs lots of visitors, while this is a great opportunity to let people meet with this special breed: the Australian Kelpie. The Australian Kelpie Club (AKC) organizes this event with lots of vollenteers to make this a memorable event. 

erkende rasvereniging

Organised by the AKC,
 the Australian Kelpie Club.

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