The rules to urn the CACiag are:

1. 2 Agility Courses will be run.
2. The fastest, clear dog with the results of the 2 Agility courses together will be considered for the CACiag, as ment in the KR art. V.66.

How can my dog become Agility Champion?

Art V.66 
The titel "Agility Champion" will be given at a by the "Raad van Beheer" organized competition, to the dog with the best results and at least the qualification "excellent", as long as

a. the dog is at least 2 years old at the day of the competition

b. the dog urned a qualification "excellent" or "very good" at a (CAC) show as ment in Chapter IV, being at least 15 months old.

The rules for urning the CACiag ar to be found here.