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This anniversary edition will be filled with activities. Both days will have the Agility competitions, as usual. Saturday evening will have the usual BBQ and as always we will order pizza on Friday.

Besides all of that, you can enjoy a whole weekend of (mini) seminars of Frisbee, Tricks (for example for DogDance) and Hoopers. Wendy Kroeze and Sytske van Drooge will let the Kelpies and their friends fly during the Frisbee seminar. Hoopers will be given by Ylona Schardam. And Wendy Coersen will teach all dogs and handlers some nice tricks. 

 foto van Linda Quivooij.

Always been curious about your kelpies exterior but never had the urge or is your kelpie not allowed to enter a show? Take your chance at thi.s years AKSE. We've invited Jan de Gids, an exterior judge who will examine your kelpie. There won't be given any official qualifications, but you will get a judging report. Costs are €7,50

Ext Keur foto

Part from the Agility and exterior judging, taking part of the seminars and other activities is possible by using a coupon. 
You can buy one for €7,50.